Monday, January 4, 2010

Flea Market

Went for flea market located @ Changi Airport T3 .. A good chance to sell off our old stuffs, so that new things can come in! Hahaha ..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

They are very tired ...

Went to our cousin birthday bash and this is what happen to the 2 princess when they reach home .. they are damn tired! Hahahaha ...

Monday, September 21, 2009

For the month in Sept

Surprises, surprises!

In the month of September, a few surprises for our family!

1) Phoebe declared that she wants to off-diaper! (Yippee!! Save on her diaper!)

2) Phoebe decided to wee-wee in the toilet bowl!

3) Phoebe decided to poo-poo in the toilet bowl!
4) Phoebe decided to off diaper forever! (But we will still slip on for her when she is asleep .. keke)

5) Phyliss is too lazy to crawl.

6) Phyliss learn how to take 2 tiny step inside babycot.

This month, I think I have spend hundreds of dollars in those kiddy rides for Phoebe. When she was younger, she only dare to sit those stationary ones. Now, she will be so happy if we slot the coins in ... best if she can slot it herself!

For this month, nothing much to show ... I will try to take more videos and photos for the month of October ...

Oh yah! We are heading towards Genting in October!!!! Can't wait to take a break from work!! Haha ...

Some random photos ...

Kiddy Ride 1

Kiddy Ride 2

For the month of August

Nothing much happen in the month of August.

Attended my best friend wedding (friends for 13 years!!) ... Too bad did not take any pic with the bride and the groom. But we did took some pic before the wedding event. Those pic you see taken in Burger King are the post-dinner (just in case Phoebe is not used to the wedding food).

Sharing some photos and videos with our friends and relatives.

Girl learning to say "Good-Bye"

Girl drinking water

Sing song Part I

Sing song Part II

Taking a free ride Part I

Taking a free ride Part II

Riding on a bike with Daddy

Ridding on a ride with mei mei

Sunday, September 20, 2009

For the month of July

inally got the time to update my babies blog ....
Let me back-date till the month of July ...
In July, princess #2 was hospitalised again due to bronchritis. The doc told us that this was not a good sign as she has a relapse within 3 months, which is not healthy. Doc informed us that usually, the relapse will only come back after 1 year, also princess #2 is still very young, therefore have to take extra precatious.

Spend $$ to buy honeywell air cleaner and novita humidifier just for her ... Pocket a big big hole. Nevertheless, our main concern is for her to recover. Hopefully by using all these equipement, it can help Phyliss with her nose and skin sensitivity.

Below are some photos and videos of my princess ....

Nothing to do in hospital ... therefore biting on her toys ...

1 day after her discharge ... eating cereal ... Look @ her stone face! wahahah ...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daddy with his precious princesses

Here are some pics tat Daddy Lau with his princesses Lau ... They sure are having FUN!


Phoebe : Hmmmm ...... Mummy are we done yet?

Phyliss : Humpf ... where shall i look??

3 happy people :D

Some Random Pics

Here are a list of pics that I have taken for the past few days ....

1) Phoebe and Phyliss taking pics together
2) Phyliss practising seating in her jumbo seat
3) Daddy bath Phyliss for the very first time